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Self-Quote: Libido

Being a man is like walking through a square of restaurants. Some of us are gluttons, some ascetics, but all are hungry.

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Must play PS3 games

I’m not a fan of consoles. In fact, my first console in 30 years (used to have an Intellivision) is the PlayStation 3.

To be honest, I bought the PS3 for the Blu-Ray 3D player, not the videogame itself. Considering I'm incapable of playing my favorite gender, FPS (First Person Shooter) in a control pad (I really need a mouse+keyboard setup), and there is really no decent RTS (Real Time Strategy) outside the PCs, you could think I lost money on my fancy Blu-Ray player. But, it looks like I didn't.

Here are the best PS3 games I played so far:

Heavy Rain – out of question one of the best games I ever played. More an interactive movie than a game, it can deliver intense emotions (from sadness to love, from hope to despair, from genuine terror to relief) in a way movies find hard to do and games couldn’t even dream of.

 The sadness is strong in this one
"I think I got a stalker"
  Bully cop
[spolier allert]

Valkyria Chronicles – now that’s a game clearly done with passion. Beautiful, light hearted and compelling… I only wished this tactical game had multiplayer and more game modes to improve its replaybility (a RISK-like game mode would work wonders). Yes, the saddest thing about this game is the fact it ends.

Krauts by Japan
 You won't even mind the pink skies
 She is lovely
 Where is the sequel?

Mortal Kombat (2011) – OK, Mortal Kombat wasn’t my preferred fighting games franchising (always loved Samurai Shodown) but they really nailed with this one. Brutal, clever, with a terrific movie-like story mode, endless content and hours of fun with friends guaranteed, Mortal Kombat (2011) is a flawless victory.

You can feel the bones breaking
Ha! Missed me
In your face
You are too hot, let me fix that

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will work for like

For an enthusiastic modder and free games designer, I think I wouldn't need to say that, but here it goes: