Monday, November 28, 2011

Donnie Darko – Ten Years Later

With the Blu-Ray of Donnie Darko in my hands I though “Wow, let's see this beauty now in Director's Cut and high definition”.

After a couple of minutes I just found out that Richard Kelly not only made some terrible movies recently (Southland Tales – one of the worst movies I ever saw and The Box – which is plainly bad) but managed to ruin his masterpiece. With lots of horrible new special effects, unnecessary mystic mumble jumble (has he convinced himself that there is truth in the crazy things of the movie?) and even a changed sound track (which was just perfect), this Director's Cut managed to transform an otherwise fantastic movie into a pile of crap.

Was the hand of the producers heavy enough to restrain a wild director before or is the genius losing his mind over time? I don't know!

After 1 hour of torture, I had to switch the movie to the old good Theater Version. Thanks God! The original movie is still great! I'm still terrified by the bunny Frank. The final song Mad World still brings me to tears. And I still fall in love with Jena Malone.

So here is the tip: watch Donnie Darko. It's beautiful. But stay away of this Director's Cut. And you, Richard, keep your hands out of this wonderful movie.

Ahh teenager love...

The world is going to end.

The sinister look of Donnie... oh my, is that Seth Rogen?

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